Bay Biodiesel, LLC, was formed by a local San Francisco Bay Area husband and wife team, Patrick and Lori O'Keefe. Patrick O'Keefe is currently the Vice President of Golden Gate Petroleum (GGP), a family-owned and family-operated business.  GGP is one of the largest petroleum and biodiesel distributors on the West Coast. Patrick grew up surrounded by petroleum industry business matters, with excellent tutoring from his father Dennis, and although not confirmed by our ASTM testing methods, anyone who knows Patrick can assure you that he has fuel running through his veins.

Beginning in 2000, Patrick headed up Golden Gate Petroleum's biodiesel distribution division, along with managing the wholesale division of GGP. Since biodiesel is a fairly new and rapidly growing fuel option which can supplement dwindling fossil fuels, GGP was initially having some supply problems to meet the growing demand and needs of their clients. With Patrick's keen insight, GGP has created many ways to work around the logistical problems. But in the back of his mind, Patrick felt there was something more that could be done regarding boosting their necessary biodiesel supply, and his thought processes and extensive knowledge base were putting all the pieces together, waiting for that one spark of insight to complete the puzzle.  Following in the footsteps of the owner of GGP, Dennis O'Keefe, Patrick has an intuitive disposition when it comes to operating a petroleum products company.  It is also a well known fact in the petroleum industry, that the O'Keefe family works very hard at maintaining and operating Golden Gate Petroleum in a highly efficient and customer-friendly manner.

Every year, as a family, the O'Keefe's take some time away from the office to review their progress and plan the new year ahead.  At the beginning of 2005, they made Chile their location to outline this year's fiscal strategy, and for a break from their agenda, to observe the magnificent Magellan Penguins which inhabit the southernmost tip of Chile.  It was at that freezing section of Chile where the light bulb went on over Patrick's head and the seminal idea to start Bay Biodiesel was born! The supply puzzle was now solved.  It made perfect sense!  Golden Gate Petroleum's need for a consistent supply would be fulfilled by creating a company wherein we would manufacture our own bio fuel!

When deciding on what image would represent our newly formed company, the prodigous penguin, which can survive under demanding and harsh conditions, albeit like the fluctuations within the petroleum industry, said it all!  Penguins adapt to their environment, make a life long commitment to their partner and group, and are definitely survivors!  Akin to the penguin's real-world examples, you can depend on our fuel!

Bay Biodiesel, LLC, locally manufactures ASTM biodiesel, and it is then sold and distributed to Golden Gate Petroleum wherein Golden Gate can be assured of a consistent and quality-controlled supply.  It is a perfect fit for both Golden Gate Petroleum and its many biodiesel buying customers!

Currently, Patrick is the Chief Executive Officer and oversees the entire operation.  He is directly in charge of fuel pricing and feedstock gathering.  Lori's office is located at the processing plant in Martinez , CA.  Lori is the Chief Financial Officer and also handles any and all of Bay Biodiesel's office matters.