Bay Biodiesel, LLC was established in 2005 to manufacture ASTM quality biodiesel in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Using cutting edge technologies, Bay Biodiesel, LLC built a commercial scale production facility where we currently produce BayBio100, the highest quality biodiesel offered at a competitive price.

BayBio100 is currently produced using virgin vegetable oil as the feedstock. In the near future we will be expanding our product line, and will offer fuel derived from both virgin and recycled oil.



Our product, BayBio100 is a renewable and biodegradable alternative fuel. When used, it reduces both air and ground pollutants.

Versatility is synonymous with BayBio100. It can be used in virtually any existing diesel engine including but not limited to on/off road vehicles, construction and farming equipment, boats, and a variety of other vehicles.

We at Bay Biodiesel, LLC are committed to developing our technology to lower the cost of biodiesel to be competitive with traditional petroleum diesel.


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